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Endnotes 1 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (2021). About chronic diseases. Retrieved March …

by Michelle Pugle

Share on PinterestGLP-1 drugs are under federal investigation after reports of adverse events, but a …

by Omer Awan

An Ozempic (semaglutide) injection pen sits on a kitchen table in Riga, Latvia, on August …

by Julie Ryan Evans

Anxiety and stress levels can both affect blood sugar levels and diabetes management. You may …

by Kaitlin Vogel

Share on PinterestGLP-1 drugs are becoming increasingly popular in the treatment of obesity and type …

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Say May NgConsultant Pediatric Endocrinologist1 2, tracy corbettSenior Lecturer, Public Health, emma doblePatientFour, abigail brooksGP …

by Alice Scalzilli Becker

Study design We performed a study to assess the feasibility of a teleintervention on mental …

by Liping Wang

This study showed that 90.41%, 8.93%, and 0.66% of the subjects had diabetes-related knowledge scores …

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Disclaimer: This content is not to be relied upon or intended to be medical or …

by Antonio Gimeno-Miguel

Piette, J. D. & Kerr, E. A. The impact of comorbid chronic conditions on diabetes …

by Anthony Pease

Guariguata, L. et al. Global estimates of diabetes prevalence for 2013 and projections for 2035. …

by Vanessa Etienne

Nick Jonas talks about managing diabetes: ‘The mental health aspect is important’ Skip to content

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