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Eating yogurt may reduce risk of type 2 diabetes | News

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March 12, 2024 — Food and Drug Administration announced last week it would be allowed Yogurt Producers claim that it may be preventable by regularly consuming their products. type 2 diabetesHowever, the label must also include the qualification that this is based on “limited scientific evidence.”

Although there are several studies that support this claim, frank fuFredrick J. Steer Professor of Nutritional Epidemiology; Department of Nutrition Professor T.H. Chan School of Public Health at Harvard University said in a March 5 New York Times article. for example, 2014 survey Hu et al. found an association between regular consumption of yogurt and other forms of dairy products and a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. In his article, Hu said that live bacterial cultures in yogurt may reduce inflammation and insulin resistance.

Yogurt is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. healthy diet As long as there’s no added sugar, Hu said. However, Hu and other experts cited in the article say yogurt alone is unlikely to prevent diabetes.

To lower the risk of diabetes, Hu suggested consuming the following dietary pattern: mediterranean dietmaintain a healthy weight, and limit intake of products associated with increased risk of diabetes. sweet drink And processed meat. Yogurt, he points out, is “not a silver bullet.”

Read the New York Times article. Does eating yogurt reduce your risk of diabetes?

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