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L-Nutra Health® Pioneering a new innovative therapeutic healthcare model with the official patent for diabetes

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Los Angeles, March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — L-Nutra Health® awarded for breakthrough advancement in revolutionizing diabetes management through nutritional technology first US patent Remission of type 2 diabetes through cell reprogramming and regeneration. This historic achievement in nutrition-driven healthcare solidifies L-Nutra Health®’s position as the authoritative leader in science-backed nutrition technology.

L-Nutra Inc. (PRNewsfoto/L-Nutra Inc.)

L-Nutra Inc. (PRNewsfoto/L-Nutra Inc.)

Founded on 20 years of research and development in collaboration with 18 university medical research centers, L-Nutra Health leverages cutting-edge nutritional technology to address most health issues, including aging, metabolic health, and lifestyle. We offer a new approach to chronic disease that targets the nature of the condition.

L-Nutra, the parent company of L-Nutra Health®, is known for its Fasting Mimic Diet (FMD), which aims to induce the cellular and metabolic healing effects associated with regular fasting. His L-NutraHealth®, the company’s medical division, leverages these plant-based products to naturally enhance cellular rejuvenation and target the root causes of age-related health conditions such as type 2 diabetes. I’m doing it.

The L-Nutra Health® program for diabetes was launched in 2023. The 12-month program includes multiple cycles of L-Nutra’s customized version of the popular FMD, which has shown improved blood sugar levels while reducing drug use. The comprehensive program includes oversight by a lifestyle medicine physician and personalized support from a nutritionist uniquely trained in longevity and diabetes.

L-Nutra Health® is redefining the landscape of type 2 diabetes management and regression speed through nutrition.In a recently published book randomized clinical trial, Within a period of just 6 months, this program shows remarkable clinical statistics from program participants including, but not limited to:

  • 67% of patients successfully reduced their medication.

  • Patients experienced an average reduction in insulin resistance of 59%.

  • Average weight loss of 22 pounds. Achieved throughout without losing muscle.

  • Participants also experienced amazing results, with their A1C levels decreasing by 1.4 within 6 months.

“We’re not just focused on managing diabetes; our goal is to reverse diabetes and make diabetes remission the new end goal,” Dr. william sueChief Medical Officer and former Vice President of L-Nutra harvard university Joslin Diabetes Center. “This patent places L-Nutra Health® at the forefront of healthcare and is a testament to our firm commitment to providing pioneering solutions that define new treatment categories.”

This milestone not only represents a ray of hope for individuals living with type 2 diabetes, but also provides an opportunity for healthcare professionals, investors, and consumers to participate in a program that is reshaping the paradigm of chronic disease management.

About L-Nutra:
L-Nutra, a leading nutritechnology company, is a pioneer in the discovery, design and commercialization of novel substances. Nutrition for longevity and Nutrition as medicine A program to extend the healthy lifespan of humans. L-Nutra has created 18 innovative plant-based nutritional formulations inspired by nature and tailored based on longevity and medicine to promote healthy aging and health. A collection of world-class universities. Boasting over 20 clinical trials and 100 patent applications, L-Nutra’s approach is evidence-based to test the longevity and healthspan benefits of new nutritional formulations that induce cellular rejuvenation and metabolic reset. Relies on clinical trials.Learn more about www.l-nutra.com.



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Source L-Nutra Co., Ltd.

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