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Can brisk walking help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes? What you need to know

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I came across a story about Dr. George CulverHe was the first physician appointed by the U.S. Congress to provide medical care in 1928. And did they need it? They were dying at a rate of 20 per year.

Culver preached moderation and healthy living, giving advice that we are accustomed to hearing today. Eat wisely, exercise daily, see your doctor regularly, stop worrying and learn how to relax. His words caught my eye. “If a person dedicates 5% of his time to maintaining health, he does not need to devote 100% of his time to overcome the disease.”

Intrigued by this quote, I started playing around with it and applying it to the modern health crisis. The first question I thought of was, if I could convince people to devote 5% of their time to staying healthy, what would I advise them to do? My first thought was to walk. This is a good choice for most of the problems facing our society, especially obesity. The next question is, how much is 5% of your time? Assuming 16 hours of waking time in a day, that’s a total of 960 minutes, and 5% of that is 48 minutes.

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