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Diabetes specialist shares the best time to eat breakfast for type 2 diabetics

by Diana Buntajova
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You may have heard that your body has a natural internal clock that regulates many processes, from when you feel sleepy to cues when you’re hungry.

Diabetologists say this body clock also influences how sugar is processed throughout the day, creating the ideal time for people with type 2 diabetes to have breakfast.

Luckily, Tara Bruni, specialist diabetes nutritionist at St Thomas’ NHS Foundation, has revealed the best time to break your overnight fast.

Bruni said:[The natural internal clock] It regulates our metabolism and functions differently depending on the time of day.

“In the morning, our bodies are primed to process sugar efficiently, allowing us to manage blood sugar levels effectively. This means our insulin response is stronger and our ability to process glucose increases. This is because it has reached its peak.

“As the day progresses, especially in the afternoon and evening, our bodies become less efficient at processing sugar and regulating blood sugar levels.”

Therefore, eating breakfast at the “right time” helps align your eating habits with your body’s natural rhythm.

“This allows us to provide fuel (in the form of food) when our bodies are best able to process it, ultimately helping us maintain more stable blood sugar levels throughout the day. It helps,” Bruni said.

With this in mind, experts have revealed that the best time to eat breakfast for people with type 2 diabetes is within two hours of waking up, and no later than 10am.

“Eating breakfast before lunch has a special impact on how your body processes glucose after lunch,” says Bruni.

“This effect is called the ‘second meal effect,’ and it means that even if you eat the same lunch, your blood sugar levels will rise less than if you skipped breakfast.

“Research shows that eating breakfast lowers blood sugar levels after lunch and dinner.”

Diabetologists have also revealed the best and worst breakfasts for people with type 2 diabetes, apart from when exactly to eat your first meal of the day.

Dr. Bruni said, “The best breakfast foods for people with type 2 diabetes are those that combine protein and high-fiber carbohydrates.” [for example, whole grains, fruits and vegetables].

“Protein helps slow down the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates in the body. This means that when you eat a meal that contains both protein and carbohydrates, your blood sugar levels rise more slowly than when you eat a meal that is dominated by carbohydrates. It means that the value is stable.

“Examples include porridge with nuts and seeds, Greek yogurt with berries and chia seeds, and whole grain toast with avocado and eggs.”

Breakfasts to avoid, on the other hand, include items high in refined carbohydrates and sugar, such as sweet cereals, pastries, white bread, and juices.

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