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Because T1D patients do not produce insulin, they must learn from an early age how to manage their chronic disease by controlling their diet, activity, and medications.

“They learn to recognize the signs of hypoglycemia, such as confusion, irritability, weakness in the knees, and slurred speech,” Stabler says. “They learn to carry glucose tablets and leave juice boxes and snacks in the car. Those life skills come into play.”

T2D, a condition in which the body doesn’t use insulin properly and/or doesn’t produce enough insulin, is more common, with 1.2 million people reported by the ADA. new cases every year in America. For clients with prediabetes or diabetes, the onset can be sudden and shocking.

“Either they’re just hoping their diabetes will go away, or they’re blaming themselves,” Stabler says. “The stigma surrounding diabetes is real. But when it comes to diabetes, it’s all about management. Ignoring it creates problems.”

UD’s Nutrition and Health Coaching Clinic also runs the Prevent T2 program, part of the CDC-National Diabetes Prevention Program, which promotes lifestyle changes and has transformed many patients. One in three Americans has prediabetes, and the majority do not know they have diabetes. Screening for prediabetes allows prediabetics to reduce their risk of developing T2D diabetes by 58% by completing a preventive T2 program.

“Some people with T2D may go into remission if they lose weight and stabilize their blood sugar levels,” Stabler said. “Healthy habits can prevent it. But if you eat too many simple carbohydrates like ice cream every day or don’t control your weight, your blood sugar levels will rise.”

However, this does not mean that people with diabetes should not eat ice cream. When creating a care plan, Stabler doesn’t use the word “no.”

“We never tell someone not to have pizza. We tell them to add a salad to the other half of their plate,” she said.

It was the same advice Stabler remembers from her early days when she was diagnosed with diabetes.

“My doctor said to me, ‘Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t have ice cream anymore.’ Eat it and run around the block a few times,” Stabler recalled. Ta. “Giving patients tools to help them manage is helpful, but letting them know it’s not prohibited often makes it less desirable.”

March mark national nutrition month®. This year’s theme for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is “Behind the Table,” a complete look into how Stabler cares for her patients. Her plan goes beyond healthy eating strategies to look at the whole person and meet people where they are.

“We try to change their perspective and help them accept the diagnosis,” Stabler said. “We are so lucky to live in a world where there are so many tools to help people manage diabetes. When I was diagnosed with T1D, we didn’t have a blood glucose meter in our house. Good Control There was no.”

For Lucas, the motivation is similar: to provide people with the tools to motivate them to succeed.

“I want to connect with kids and let them know I’ve been in their shoes before,” Lucas said. “I want to help them get through this and let them know I have no doubt they will succeed.”

UD’s Nutrition Clinic is open to the public, accepts most major insurance plans, and enrolls participants in the Prevent T2 program on an ongoing basis. For more information or to make an appointment, call 302-831-1165 or email nutrition-clinic@udel.edu.

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