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Ohio University’s impact on the Appalachian Diabetes Belt

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Sarah Adkins, a pharmacist and clinical associate professor from Albany, Ohio, embodies this dedication to community service. Recognizing the dire need for affordable medicine in southeastern Ohio, she spearheaded the creation of Rising Her Sons Pharmacy, a charitable pharmacy, to help everyone improve their health and finances. We’ve made it so you don’t have to choose between stability and stability.

“My goal with this pharmacy is to make an impact and address some of the barriers by making medicine more accessible to everyone,” Adkins said. “The co-pay for insulin can be up to $1,500, which is the equivalent of someone’s month’s rent. Thanks to Ohio University, there are amazing free resources for education and care. Why should medicine be any different?”

Adkins explains that not only are people able to pick up their medication for free at the pharmacy, but thanks to the generosity of volunteer Dan Hughes, they are also able to deliver the medication free of charge to people’s homes in the community.

The impact of these efforts is rippled across the region, providing a lifeline to people battling the burden of diabetes. By closing the gaps in access, education and affordability, Ohio University is not only revolutionizing diabetes care, but fostering a healthier future.

“We will continue to provide high-quality diabetes prevention and education programs at low or no cost to ensure our residents have access to these programs. We will also continue to provide high-quality diabetes prevention and education programs at low or no cost to our residents to ensure they have access to these programs. By seeking feedback from those we serve, we want to be innovative and responsive to the needs of community members. Harnessing the unique perspectives of patients and their families will help shape the future of local health services. and ensure services are truly patient-centred,” Mr Cook added.

Currently, the Diabetes Institute’s research members conduct research on cardiovascular disease, diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity, and population health that will impact the future of care, prevention, and treatment for people with diabetes.

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