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Patient Success with DSMES Through Telemedicine | Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) Toolkit

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Telehealth Makes Vital Connections

Emergencies or life circumstances may prevent people from attending in-person medical appointments, which can make managing their health even more difficult for people with diabetes.

This is where telemedicine comes into play. By being referred by a physician to DSMES via telemedicine, patients can receive the emergency care they need. Through DSMES, diabetes care and education professionals can connect with patients and help reduce stress. Give your patients answers to their important questions so they can better manage their blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Patients can take advantage of the many benefits of telehealth services, regardless of their situation. Telehealth options include:

  • Video conferencing.
  • phone.
  • Send text message.

These alternatives offer the same life-saving benefits of an in-person visit while providing increased convenience for participants. Read about her DSMES participant success stories using telemedicine.

real time advice

Video conferencing allows diabetes care and education experts to provide specialized support. For example, through video, you can see what food participants have in their refrigerators and pantries and give them tips related to specific items.

April's Story

“Seeing these results has made me even more motivated to continue to do better in the future.”

April has type 2 diabetes and was referred to DSMES by her doctor when she found out she was pregnant. She had a virtual visit with Hannah, a diabetes care and education specialist. Hannah taught April how different foods and physical activity affect blood sugar levels. During her visit, April confides in Hannah that she doesn't take insulin because she can't afford a prescription.

Hannah worked with April's pharmacist to connect April with patient assistance programs. April receives a coupon that lowers the cost of insulin to a price April can afford. In just a few months, April's blood sugar levels have dropped by more than 200 points and continue to improve. April is grateful to her DSMES service and diabetes care team.

Telemedicine success‎

Since her virtual meeting with Hannah, April's blood sugar levels have dropped over 200 points and continue to improve.

william's story

William, DSMES participant

“I saw a dramatic change in my blood sugar levels.”

William was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when he was 18 years old. He used medication to keep his blood sugar levels up. As he got older, it became harder to manage his diabetes. When William started using an insulin pump a few years ago, he was referred to DSMES. This was the first diabetes education William had received.

William met Casey, a diabetes care and education specialist, through the Diabetes Care Center of South Carolina. Everyone at the center, especially Casey, has been instrumental in improving William's health. Casey helped William understand diabetes and taught him how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. “If it wasn't for the diabetes center, I would be in trouble,” William said.

remote healthy lifestyle

William's diabetes care and education experts helped him understand how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

mary's story

Mary (not pictured) went to the hospital for diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. DKA is a serious complication of diabetes. This occurs when your body produces acids called ketones that can accumulate to dangerous levels in your body.

Mary's doctor gave her a referral to DSMES. Susan and Janet, diabetes care and education experts, contacted Mary and helped her learn about her insulin, her pump and pen, and a continuous blood glucose monitor. They taught Mary about her healthy food choices and carbohydrate counting, and also shared her recipes. And importantly, they taught Mary how to apply for financial aid through her proper channels.

All of the South Carolina Diabetes Center employees that Mary worked with were knowledgeable and professional. “I have a full support team that sets me up for success with a healthy lifestyle. I am truly grateful to everyone who has helped me along my journey,” Mary said. Ta.

Telemedicine provides connectivity

Mary stays in touch virtually with diabetes care and education specialists through telehealth appointments.

Tess's story

Tess (not pictured) was diagnosed with gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy). Since she has young children and her husband travels a lot, Tess needed a better solution to in-person doctor visits.

Thanks to telemedicine, Lori, a diabetes care and education specialist, is able to talk to Tess at home while her children are sleeping. Lori was able to virtually provide Tess with important information on how to check her blood sugar levels and count carbs. “We are so grateful for Lori and the service she provided,” Tess said.

telemedicine solution

Lori provided materials via email and recommended a smartphone app to help Tess track her carbohydrate intake.

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