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8 Best Meal Delivery Services for Diabetes in 2024

by Rachael Ajmera, MS, RD
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A great meal delivery service for diabetics is Sunbasket, which offers nutritious meal kits that fit into a variety of eating patterns.

This service offers diabetes-friendly plans designed specifically for people with diabetes. Meals on this plan contain at least 10 grams (g) of protein, 5 g of fiber, and no more than 20 g to 70 g of high-quality carbohydrates per serving.

Additionally, Sun Basket primarily uses organic produce, eggs, and wild-caught seafood. The company employs a team of registered dietitians who evaluate recipes to ensure they are nutritionally complete.

“Of all the meal kits I tried, Sunbasket’s ingredients were the freshest, especially the seafood and meat. Most dishes were flavorful and featured a wide variety of ingredients, especially vegetables. I’m grateful to have them,” says Healthline Nutrition Editor Kelly McGrane, MS, RD.

Meals are delivered weekly and most dishes can be prepared within 30 minutes. Sun Basket also offers a variety of diabetic-friendly snack foods, including egg bites, bone broth, yogurt, protein bars, nuts, and jerky.

Here are some examples of diabetes-friendly meals offered by Sunbasket.

  • Spicy Balinese Chicken, Cucumber and Cabbage Salad (36 carbs, 570 calories)
  • Meatloaf with Spring Vegetables and Lemon Dill Aioli (22 carbs, 490 calories)
  • Peppers Stuffed with Ground Turkey and Black Beans (37 carbs, 500 calories)

“Although it’s not cheap, I think Sunbasket offers the highest quality ingredients and the most exciting flavor combinations,” McGrane says.

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