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CDE Carolyn Robertson teaches Type 1 virtually for free

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I heard about Carolyn Robertson years ago (which is why I still use the acronym CDE). She was everyone’s favorite her CDE in New York City. I never met her at the time, as she moved west shortly thereafter.

But she offers free webinars just to keep us all engaged. Last night, she gave out syringes, not pumps, specifically to people who are injecting multiple times a day. Like her seminars, this one lasted for two hours. Despite having had type 1 diabetes for 51 years, she presented great information, we asked questions, shared, and I learned some tips and memories.

Here’s what makes sense to me:

You want to keep your blood sugar levels within a certain range, but you especially want to avoid spikes in blood sugar levels. Spikes in both directions cause extra inflammation. So, for example, if your blood sugar levels are too high, it’s better to lower them gradually rather than abruptly.

The syringe and pen needles are very short at 4mm, so be careful to inject at right angles. For example, if the needle is inserted at a 45-degree angle, it may not go deep enough to reach the optimal layer of skin to get the insulin where it is needed.

As I wrote in a previous post, if you have a “dawn effect” where your blood sugar levels spike early in the morning, try metformin to see if it helps minimize the amount of glucose your liver pumps out during that time. There’s nothing wrong with watching it. Metformin is his GLP 1, so start with a low dose and increase slowly, as it can also cause stomach pain and nausea.

If you accidentally double your basal insulin dose, you may have to go to the hospital and receive a glucose drip. This depends on the amount of insulin you actually take.

Carolyn left us with the good news that companies are continually innovating, even though we can’t see it. Pump and drug companies are trying to develop better devices and smarter, faster insulin.

If you would like to receive Carolyn’s newsletter, please Insulin-resistant groupgo here. Find out what’s new and when she’s hosting quarterly webinars.

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