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Change Change – Written by Rachel Zinman Yoga

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I have had diabetes for 16 years. At the time of diagnosis, everything seemed so surreal. I had few symptoms, my blood sugar levels were pretty much within range, and it seemed like all I needed was a change in diet and exercise. Things are very different now. I take seven injections a day, need the average amount of insulin for someone my weight and age, and living on insulin is my new normal.

But that doesn’t mean things aren’t difficult. The situation is very difficult right now. I’ve been adjusting my dosage for 6 months and still don’t seem to stay within range 70% of the time. The only variable in my life is stress. The stress of moving and changing countries after 3 years and the stress of trying to manage something that is ultimately unmanageable. But I keep trying.

The biggest change in my life was adopting a regular whole foods diet. Overall, I’m fitter, healthier, and happier. And living in Australia is much busier. I do a pretty good job teaching yoga full-time and running an online yoga ashram. There, he is head of marketing and sales, web designer, video creator, and most recently chatGPT prompt master.

Now that life has returned to “normal,” I’ve been focusing on the axiom one day at a time. In some cases, even one day at a time may be too broad. Sometimes it’s one second at a time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not depressed or anxious…I’m just tired…tired of trying so hard to juggle all the balls in the air at once.

And yet…I’m also positive. It’s good to have the tools at hand to properly manage your health. I am feeling positive because I am receiving more support than ever from my medical team. And I am positive because I have the tools of yoga to support me on my journey.

I am still a huge supporter of yoga and diabetes and that will never change.

If you would like to connect with me and my offerings, you can find me at insight timer, YouTube or become our member online yoga ashram

I would like to express my respect…


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