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Diabetes Sisters provide great companionship and professional support to women with diabetes

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diabetes sisters With a new look and a forward-looking agenda. They strive to be a support organization for women and their health, and they are well on their way to doing so.

The photos above document their products. This includes weekly virtual meet-ups. Until a few years ago, groups were run in-person on-site, but due to the pandemic, groups have moved to online locations. The advantage is that you can join as many groups as you like from anywhere.

Last November, article In our December newsletter, we say we can’t control our blood sugar levels. I can tell you that you are what these women are worried about. We will do our best to support you so that you can grow.

We also ensure that thriving with diabetes is at the foundation of Diabetes Sisters’ new platform. Expert lectures on issues affecting women’s health are held regularly. Some are provided by medical professionals, while others are provided by patient experts. And I started my expert series last month with the following webinars. Thrive with diabetes.

On May 29th, we’ll be featuring live guest Amy Jordan and her amazing story of victory. Amy lives with her type 1 diabetes, blindness, and an injury to her leg from being hit by a bus in New York City. However, she still leads her lifelong passion, a dance company, and with her sense of humor, it never ceases to make a huge impact on her life. You can watch Amy’s documentary. amy’s victory dance, we strongly recommend that you do so. So join us for the conversation on the 29th.

Although the organization has a new look, much remains the same. It was founded in 2008 by Brandi Burns and has since been run by her successor, Anna Norton. Everyone, including the woman who has been running the meetup group for the past few years, has had the same desire. I want to help women with diabetes feel less alone. Don’t be alone and live your best life.

A lot of things happened and it got warmer. community I’m waiting for you with open arms.

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