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Doing it “while being scared” by Rachel Zinman Yoga

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Today is also World Diabetes Day.

A day when people living with all types of diabetes share that they can do anything they set their minds to. We are not defined by our condition. Spreading awareness about all aspects of living with diabetes, including access to medications, daily management, and mental health, can help those who are not living with diabetes better understand what we face. .

Every year I’ve been involved in some way. This year I’m more isolated. That’s because I’ve been suffering from diabetes burnout this year.

I’ve had diabetes for 13 years, misdiagnosed and managed without insulin for 5 years, long-acting insulin alone for 4 years, and complete insulin therapy for 4 years. Once I gave it my all, I practiced the law of decimals and took very small doses of insulin, which was a great success. Low carbohydrates = low insulin requirements.

Things changed in March 2020. I became debilitated, developed arthritis, suffered from multiple digestive issues, became increasingly intolerant to food, and became insulin resistant. Some friends in the diabetes community encouraged me to try a new approach. That means whole food, vegan, high carb, and low fat. I was ready and jumped in. After just a few months, my numbers were in the 5s and I felt great. My digestion has improved. I added more variety to my diet. I had energy, I felt hopeful, and I had the will to try and fail.

But then…I had two bad lows in a row. It has nothing to do with my diet, and everything to do with the defective injection site. Long-acting insulin nearly killed me. Recovery is slow.

Yoga has always been my main support and crutch. My mat is a safe place. On the mat we remove uncertainty and make room for reality. I am not the body, I am not my thoughts, I am not the one who identifies with thoughts. Even my own thoughts.

Despite having the right perspective and great tools at hand, the raw reality of injecting yourself seven times a day, not knowing if you’ll make a mistake and lose your strength, and how your body will react to sourdough with avocado. I started to feel anxious because I didn’t know what to do.

So I took a deep breath, considered that yoga could not “fix” this very real physical problem, and had to reach out.

Thank you for your support on Twitter.

If you randomly scroll down your feed, Telemedicine diabetes clinic In Australia. I resonated with their message. “Diabetes can be cured your way.” I made an inquiry and made an appointment just a few days later.

now i am working with diabetic nutritionist And we test foods to see how quickly or slowly they are absorbed into the bloodstream. It’s really basic work and takes a huge amount of time. Eat your meals and record your results. If you fail, it takes a few days to recover, learn, adjust, and try again.

Last week, I learned how to make recipes and how to size portions with carbohydrate content in mind. It should be easy, but I’m really bad at math. There were lots of doodles and diagrams to look at and screenshots and graphs to work with.

I am fully committed to the process. Like doing a full wheel or a handstand for the first time, I’m “doing it scared.” “Horror” might be a better word to describe the feeling you get as you watch his libre arrows freestyle after a meal. There have been a lot of tears and glucose gummies under the bridge for the past two months. But it’s okay. Yoga has taught me discipline, persistence, patience, and courage.

Happy World Diabetes Day!

With respect…

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