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Much has been said in recent weeks about the fairness of AID. It’s actually much longer than that. It may have gained more momentum since his meeting at ATTD in Florence, but this is something that has been talked about in the community for years.In fact, I found A decade-old policy document recommending pump access for all T1D patientsAnd I spoke at that presentation at the Capitol.There is a direct quote from me: “My husband and I wanted to start a family, so we decided to start using an insulin pump. I knew the importance of keeping my diabetes well-controlled before and during pregnancy. Insulin Pump Therapy Now I can adjust and adjust my insulin dosage to get the best possible outcome: a beautiful, healthy daughter.”

For the past six years, I’ve used quotes like these to talk about how transformative AID has been: “While we are far from a cure, the holy grail for me with diabetes is that if we take one step at a time, diabetes will be less intrusive into my life.Thanks to LOOP (AID) , I acknowledge with gratitude, amazement, and relief how much less interference and interference there are today.”

But enough from me. This is an issue that the T1D community owns and is working on. #dedoc° Symposium at the UK Diabetes Specialist Conferenceexcellent diabetes advocate emma doble talked about patient and public engagement and highlighted how it was mentioned; and or by not the community, to, begame or for they.There is no doubt that the ongoing AID equity work is and and by. That’s what the community wants as a priority. You can see that by visiting her T1D group online. By taking the time to speak directly to the community, we can learn how many people simply cannot access her AID because they cannot afford an insulin pump. This is standard her T1D care. The evidence is clear.

To understand how the T1D and broader diabetes community feel, read their own words. These comments are Making automated insulin dosing affordable for all people with type 1 diabetes in Australia petition. All of these are public, so click here Please read the comments I shared and many others.

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