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Meditation for Peace – Rachel Zinman Yoga

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Peace, such a simple word, but so powerful. If you were asked to describe peace, what would you say? Stay still? Are you satisfied? In terms of safety and security? Endless happiness, bliss and trust?

Whatever words we use to describe peace, it is something we inherently know. why? Because we experience it every night in our deep sleep. Peace is our very essence. That’s why we are looking for it all over the world. We cannot tolerate a situation that is not peaceful.

You can never reach for what you don’t know. That’s impossible. It’s like trying to climb Mount Everest even though you’ve never heard of it or have any knowledge of mountain climbing. First we learn how to climb Mount Everest, then we hear about Everest. Next, set your goals.

The same goes for peace. The word peace describes a feeling, a state of being that is essentially familiar. But before you learn about peace, you are already living and breathing peace itself. There is peace for everyone and everything in creation. May all be love, serenity and happiness.

When we think of peace as something separate from ourselves, confusion begins. Something to gain or something to fight for. And indeed, with all the events currently taking place on Earth, we are shocked to see how tenuous peace is.

When one person can affect stability and peace for millions of people in an instant. That’s insane! The question I’m asking now is where does peace go in war? Will peace disappear? Do we need to regain peace or can we remember that peace is neither outside nor within us? It is human nature itself.

A few years ago, John and I experienced an unexpected earthquake. We were sunbathing on the beach and the next moment the ground shook. I freaked out and ran to the car, yelling to John to drop everything because there was a tidal wave coming.

John was calm throughout and told me to relax while grabbing my essentials like my computer and clothes. He knew we needed to drive away from the coast, but at the same time reminded me that it was okay to create. I looked around at the birds and bees and trees, but nothing had changed. The ground shook for a moment, and I was the one shaking and going crazy. Peace never left me or creation. I have drifted away from peace.

In these extremely stressful times of continuing challenges and uncertainty. The crisis may not be right next to you. That is, you may not be in a combat zone. But that doesn’t mean you won’t face or be affected by the suffering of others. Asking and practicing what you can do for others right now may be part of the solution, but simply remembering yourself in a quiet moment and being still and at peace. is also a powerful tool.

The meditation below is one I shared as part of my intention setting practice. Sundaram Online Ashram. Group heart meditation. Praying now as a remembrance of peace is a gentle and positive way to align ourselves with all those with whom we share ourselves.

With respect…


PS is still in progress Sundaram Online Ashram A great way to study with me in a deeper format.If you want to join an ashram for the next few months but aren’t sure if it’s right for you or have questions Let’s chat! We will be happy to join you on a Zoom call and take you on a guided tour inside the ashram.

For those of us in the ashram, these teachings are transformative and help us navigate what is going on in the world right now.

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