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New Year’s three sentences

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Ah, it’s officially 12 days until Christmas! December and January always creep up on me and it feels like the new year will be here before I can blink. These past two years have been heartbreakingly challenging for all of us. As the new year approaches, I’m hesitantly hopeful and personally ready to respond differently to what life brings. This is partially due to investing in myself and my health over the past few months.find new medical team I essentially understand how my body responds to food and insulin, and I follow inspirational people in the diabetes field online.

Diabetes Psychologist Podcast It seems ironic, but as a lifelong yoga teacher and with all of the best tools at my disposal to manage my mental health, understanding how I can improve my mindset about diabetes can help me now. But I am receiving great benefits.

I know I’m not my body, I know I’m not diabetic, but just knowing that doesn’t change the nature of that extremely frustrating unexplained high or that horrifying drop in your stomach. . All the yoga and yogic knowledge in the world cannot fix the practical miscalculations that put me on a physical roller coaster.

3 things I’ve learned since I started tuning DS Podcast teeth;

  1. Diabetes is hard, but I got this

  2. Be strategic in your decisions. Strategy is your best defense.

  3. Have a clear vision for yourself and how you want to feel about managing your diabetes

By waking up every day and being willing to face challenges and telling myself that I can handle them, I have become more accepting of them. Yesterday, when I spiked up to 15 because I didn’t get enough insulin at breakfast, instead of panicking, I grabbed a shovel and gardening gloves and planted some flowers. When the meter showed a straight downward arrow after 15 minutes of digging, I didn’t panic. I sat down and he waited 10 minutes to see what my blood sugar levels were like. Once my condition stabilized, I was able to complete my gardening without having to undergo hypo treatment.

When I started to feel depleted before my usual afternoon walk, I acted strategically and ingested small amounts of fast-acting carbohydrates to slow down my deterioration, believing that I would recover enough to walk without worrying. I took the lead. Looking back, strategy became my new best friend as I gained confidence in portioning out foods that were nearly impossible to eat just three months ago.

And ultimately, doing a daily vision-setting exercise (called sankalpa in Sanskrit) made my day more meaningful and focused. Instead of expecting the worst, I see the best and brightest. I can see myself doing all the things I love, feeling confident, and navigating the ups and downs with grace and safety. I consider myself a participant in my health care, rather than a victim of an unpredictable pancreas.

This month, as a holiday gift, I would like to share with you the practice of setting solar intentions for this summer sun. enjoy!

With great respect,


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