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Please forgive the angry bundle, so cunning, so calculating and ready to defeat us.

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So what's the heck with that stuff on top? It looks like it's 170 mg/dl at 4am. When I took it when I woke up it was 173 mg/dl and when I checked my meter it was 166 mg/dl. This is unusual for me and I just put this sensor in yesterday so I checked and I know it can go crazy in the first 24 hours but it didn't.

I usually need 2 units when I wake up, so let's say 130 mg/dl – one for the dawn effect and one for the coffee – my fingers ignored my logical calculating mind and pressed down the plunger for 3 units. I was 170 after all!

An hour later, I paid the price for my impulsive behavior. The reason my blood sugar was at its lowest (55mg/dl) (also checked with a blood glucose meter) was because I finally ate a teaspoon of honey and a jelly bean. By the way, I hate eating anything unless I have to, so I usually sit back and watch how quickly the numbers go up and down like a tiger mom.

unfortunately, bolus of rage Emotions will remain. They are just human emotions. We want to fix a bad situation quickly. “The law of small numbers” (Google it for a quick explanation) I get sucked in when emotions override my better thinking. But of course you could blame it on neurobiology, or you could say it's actually not my fault, it's my fault. The amygdala is taken over And I just follow it.

In that case, the only thing you can do, the only way to come back to your senses, is to forgive yourself. Fortunately, today I had the fortitude to give myself that gift. I hope you do the same.

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