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The amount contained in one cup ramen is as follows

by Ramnath Goenka
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It may sound unpleasant, but all foods affect your body’s blood sugar levels. Of course, the degree varies. While natural sugars are considered healthy (people with diabetes still need to be careful), added sugars should be avoided at all costs. Therefore, you should be especially careful when consuming packaged foods that often have added sugar.Yes, added sugar It has a direct effect on blood sugar levels, which can have negative effects in all sorts of ways. But don’t worry. We will help you make the right choice. So, we decided to let you know about the sugar content of one of our favorite/go-to foods: Cup Instant Ramen.

What do the experts say?

Noodles are essentially carbohydrates that contain sugar, which directly affects blood sugar levels. “The amount is sugar The content of cup noodles varies depending on the brand and flavor. In general, instant ramen noodles tend to have a higher carbohydrate content, both complex carbohydrates and added sugars,” says Director of Diabetology at Zandra Healthcare and co-founder of the Ran de Nira Initiative. said Dr. Rajiv Kobil.

It’s important to note that diabetes specialists often advise diabetics to limit their sugar intake, as it can cause blood sugar levels to rise rapidly. To maintain stable blood sugar levels, we recommend consuming foods with a low glycemic index (GI). This means that the rise in blood sugar levels is slow and has a gradual effect. Blood glucose level. “We often encourage patients to choose healthier options, such as whole grain noodles or noodles made from legumes, as these are typically higher in fiber and have a lower glycemic index. These choices slow down the digestive process, resulting in a more gradual release of glucose into the bloodstream,” says Dr. Kobir.

Most common noodles are composed of refined flour, which is a simple carbohydrate. It contains starch (which is quickly digested) and glucose (which is also quickly absorbed), causing a spike in blood sugar levels. “Therefore, noodles are a food with a high glycemic index. One serving of noodles is about 70g and has about 45g of carbohydrates. sugar, Makes 9 teaspoons (1 teaspoon of sugar, approximately 5 grams, contains 5 grams of carbohydrates). A cup of noodles contains twice as many carbohydrates as a chapati and 1.5 times as many carbohydrates as a cup of rice,” says Pooja Shah Babu, consultant nutritionist and diabetes educator in Mumbai. Stated.

Blood glucose level All foods have some effect on blood sugar levels (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

It is also important to consider portion size. “We recommend that you be careful about the amount of noodles you eat at one time. Generally, a cup of noodles contains about 40 to 50 grams. carbohydratesThey can contain varying amounts of sugar,” Dr. Kobir reiterated.

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What’s more, plain noodles don’t contain fiber, which makes blood sugar control even worse, Beebe says.

So what should you do?

Dr. Coville advises diabetics to be aware of the following: carbohydrate intake, Also includes the amount of sugar contained in cup noodles. “Choosing healthier noodle options and controlling portion sizes are essential steps for people with diabetes to maintain stable blood sugar levels,” Dr. Coville said.

“The only way to eat noodles in a healthier way is to eat half a cup of noodles at a time with lots of food. vegetables And protein sources like eggs, chicken, paneer and pulses,” Barbe said.

However, it’s always best to consult your diabetes specialist or registered dietitian for personalized advice based on your personal health needs and goals.

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