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Think Outside the Box – Rachel Zinman Yoga

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My yoga teacher used to say, “The mind is a box,” a self-perpetuating entity that loops endlessly. In yoga, these loops are called vasanas. Habits are so ingrained that we don’t even realize they exist. Consider your habitual responses to stressful events.it is Vasana

After surviving diabetes for the past 13 years, I have certainly developed a rift that will never go away. How to give an injection, how to prick your finger, how to scan a freestyle libre. automatic habits. And then there are other things. Things like how to deal with low moods and what to tell yourself about diabetes. Do I really need to keep up with these habits? Is it worth it?

The transition to plant-based has brought many habits to the surface. Because my metabolism has increased, I am much more sensitive to insulin. This means that concerns about low-pressure systems are at an all-time high.

And since I’m trying a low-fat approach, even slightly increasing my fat intake means I’ll be persistently irritated if I go over the top. It’s hard not to compare. “Why can’t I be like all the other people flaunting their perfect A1C and flat lines on Instagram and Facebook?”

Reflecting on these habits inspired me to make some changes. I started working with a new CDE who encouraged me to work with a diabetic dietitian.

We are currently working on issues that are difficult to administer to foods such as bread, rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and oats. These foods affected my blood flow after 2-3 hours. To figure out the dosage, I’ve been doing an “experiment” of eating, waiting, recording, and staying calm.

Think of your blood sugar levels as not “my” blood sugar levels. Accept that a 2 mmol increase or 2 mmol decrease is expected. Must be willing to transition from tightrope mentality to balance beam. Give yourself some peace of mind. So if you reach 12 mmol during your experiment, that’s as expected. You won’t be hit by a train for an hour or two with that number.

Switching your mindset is not new to me. Yoga allows me to observe my thoughts and know that I am not my thoughts. Thoughts come and go before me. I learned that this “me” that turns behaviors into habits is just a role, and it cannot be who I am. Stepping back from actions, thoughts, and identification with those thoughts, and recognizing myself as the being within which all identifications, thoughts, and habits take place, helps me mentally and emotionally. It helped me cope until the end.

Despite this, I am still dealing with the reality that important elements of my body are not functioning properly. I can’t predict which medications I’ll take, the timing, the doses, and how they’ll actually work on any given day.

Getting outside support, seeking support, taking time to observe, adjust, and wait is all about thinking outside the box.

With great respect…


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