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yes! Sleepover for mothers of diabetic children!

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These Mom’s Night Out events, organized by Stacey Sims and the team at Diabetes Connections, are exactly the kind of events my mom would have loved to attend when I was diagnosed in 1986. I know firsthand how much the diabetes community has changed my life. In a good direction. Opportunities to connect with peers can help us live better with this disease.Thank you for your support and friendship become available Priority will be given to all people suffering from diabetes.

I asked Stacey to share details about three events coming up in the coming months.I especially excited about October Events in Providence, Rhode Island Because I’m the Saturday morning speaker. We would be happy if moms could participate in the event too!

Here are more details from Stacey: Don’t miss the sign up link in the post.

I missed my moms.

Our son is happy and independent, just what we hoped he would be when he was diagnosed with type 1 just before he turned 2. I still can’t believe that Benny will be heading off to college this fall, but I truly believe that diabetes camps, family gatherings, and conferences all played a huge role in preparing Benny. This summer he’s been attending a “regular” overnight camp for nine weeks (!) and working as a lifeguard. he is having a lot of fun.

But what about me? After 16 years of growing up with T1D, I still feel like I need more support from others living with T1D.

When Benny was little, I used to organize something called “Technology Night” for a group of local moms. I was a blogger and knew many of the staff at the diabetes camp. I used those connections to call the pump company, who had not yet approved CGM for children. And I invited him to meet me. Someone bought us dinner and we socialized. It was fun, educational, and made us feel like we weren’t alone.

Why not try it again? But this time with cocktails!

And just like that, Diabetes Connections Presents: Moms’ Night Out born.

I’ve compiled my favorites from all the events and conferences I’ve attended. The mother will be the focus. We want to be taken seriously, but we also want to have fun. We want to learn how to raise our children using the best technology available while encouraging independence. We want to find each other and find a way to continue seeing each other.

I hosted my first Mom’s Night Out in January of this year in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was stunned by the response.

A mother sent it to me myself Champagne to express gratitude.brought by someone else their Mothers! Approximately 10% of participants traveled more than 400 miles. I called the first person who registered from out of state to make sure they hadn’t registered by mistake. Since this was an overnight stay, many moms invited friends to enjoy a weekend getaway. Some came alone and left with new support.

After sharing their photos and stories online, they started hearing from moms all over the country who wanted to host a Mom’s Night Out near them. We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing this show to the streets. There are currently three more events on the calendar, with more to come. I think of it like a concert tour, choosing a new city each year to reach as many moms as possible.

Please join us! Now, on top of early bird pricing, there’s a really cool double whammy of paying half now and half later. No special code required. Just proceed to register[早期割引価格]and choose whether to pay in full now or make a deposit.

Each stop has a different speaker to teach and inspire. There will also be an opportunity to check in with Endors and Educators. Registration for these “check-ins” opens approximately eight weeks in advance. Space is limited so registration is required.

Next schedule and speakers Diabetes Connections Presents: Moms’ Night Out teeth:

Speaker: Rob Howe from Diabetics Doing Things and another special guest to be announced soon.

“Check-in” to Frisco is by Steven Ponder, MD, FAAP, CDCES, and “ sugar surfing and Dana B. Roseman, MPH, CDCES, RDN of Integrated Diabetes Services.

Speakers: Kelly Sperling, author and speaker who has lived with T1D for 37 years (I’ve been writing this blog for 10 years!) and travel and adventure writer, author of How to Raise a Teen with Diabetes Moira McCarthy.

“Checking in” in Providence are Anna Sabino, MSW, CDCES of Finding Smiles Coaching and JoAnne Robb, MFT of Diabetes Sweet Talk.

Speakers and “check-ins” will be announced soon.

In the meantime, don’t wait for the official Mom’s Night Out! Start your own group and meet up over coffee, cocktails, mocktails, and dinner. Use the diabetes camp as a starting point to go back to school and find moms in your community.

I hope to meet you soon!


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