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10 nutrition myths debunked by experts

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This article was published in today’s New York Times. “10 Nutritional Myths Experts Wish You Dead” If you have access to the Times, you can read the full article. For those who don’t, I’ll try to summarize briefly.

Myth #1: Fresh fruits and vegetables are always healthier than canned, frozen, or dried.

Non-fresh food has the same nutritional value, but sometimes non-fresh food is more nutritious. Just a word of caution: Read labels carefully, as they may contain added sugar, saturated fat, and sodium.

Myth #2: All fat is bad.

This myth originated in the 1940s, when experts discovered a correlation between high-fat diets and high cholesterol. In the 1980s, everyone reported that low-fat diets could benefit everyone, even though there was no hard evidence. Food manufacturers replaced fat with sugar. Remember SnackWell? (I do!). Experts now believe that saturated fats and trans fats (red meat, cheese) can increase the risk of heart disease, while monounsaturated fats (nuts, fish, flaxseeds, avocados) can increase the risk of heart disease. They say it has the potential to reduce risk. Don’t think “fat-free” means healthy.

Myth 3: Calories in vs. calories out is the most important factor in long-term weight gain.

Yes and no. If you follow the above, you will lose weight in the short term, but not in the long term. Avoid refined carbohydrates (cereals, starchy snacks, crackers, baked goods, soda) because they are quickly digested, raise blood sugar levels, and turn into fat in your body. Eat an overall healthy diet, focusing on quality over quantity.

Myth #4: People with type 2 diabetes shouldn’t eat fruit.

Everyone can benefit from the nutrients found in fruit, including fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. Even people with diabetes. Always choose fruit over fruit juice.

Myth 5: Plant-based milks are healthier than cow’s milk.

wrong. Milk contains a lot of protein. (Personally, I still add light cream or half-and-half to my coffee, but drink almond milk to reduce the carbs.)

Myth #6: White potatoes are bad for you.

Yes, they can spike blood sugar levels, but they’re rich in vitamin C, potassium, and fiber, especially when taken with the peel.

Myth #7: Children should never be fed peanut products during the first few years of life.

surprise! Experts say it’s best to introduce peanut products to children early, unless the infant has eczema. Also, feed your baby a varied diet during the first year of life to prevent food allergies.

Myth #8: Plant proteins are incomplete.

All plants contain all the amino acids needed to build proteins. But more or less. Therefore, eat a variety of plant-based foods every day. Most Americans eat more protein than they realize or need.

Myth #9: Eating soy-based foods may increase your risk of breast cancer.

Isoflavones in soy stimulate breast cancer in animal studies, but this has not been tested in humans. So, for now, scientists have not linked the two. In fact, soy products may be effective in preventing breast cancer.

Myth #10: Basic nutritional advice continues to change significantly.

Food guru and nutrition professor Dr. Marion Nestle points out that in the 1950s, people were advised to avoid products high in saturated fat, sugar and salt, and that’s still the case today. Author Michael Pollan says in his book: meal rules (I loved it.) “Eat your food, but not too much, mostly plants,” agrees Nestlé.

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