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Can red light therapy prevent blood sugar spikes?

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Shining a specific wavelength of red light onto a person’s back for 15 minutes can significantly lower blood sugar levels after a meal, according to a new study published in the journal Science on February 20th. Biophotonics Journal.

Researchers have found that red light therapy has dual benefits for blood sugar control. A single dose lowers overall blood sugar levels and is how much the peak blood sugar level after a glucose tolerance test, which mimics the body’s response to a meal, is lowered.

Although the study was conducted in healthy people without diabetes, the lead author said the treatment, which does not involve injections or pills, could be used to manage diabetes after meals. Dr. Michael Powner, Senior Lecturer in Neurobiology, School of Health and Psychological Sciences, City University of London. “This is important because very high blood sugar levels can damage tissues around the body,” Dr. Powner says. Such fluctuations in blood sugar spikes also contribute to aging, he added.

The healing powers of red light have been studied in cancer, depression, and many other health conditions

The red light therapy tested in this study is a type of photobiomodulation (PBM) that uses light to stimulate living organisms to promote healing.

It has been studied in a variety of conditions, including cancer, macular degeneration, depression, wound healing, skin diseases, and various areas of dentistry.

To investigate the impact of 670 To measure the nanometers (nm) of red light on blood sugar levels, the researchers recruited 30 healthy participants who were not taking any medications and had no known metabolic diseases such as diabetes. They were randomly divided into two groups of 15 people each.

At the beginning of the study, both groups underwent a fasting oral glucose test to establish baseline. Participants consumed only water for at least 10 hours, then drank 5 ounces of a syrupy drink containing 75 grams (g) of sugar on an empty stomach. We then recorded his blood sugar levels every 15 minutes over the next 2 hours.

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