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It’s hard not to believe the stereotype that blood sugar levels can be controlled. Can not do that.

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I wonder if there’s any simultaneity between Facebook crashing today and the article I’ve been pushing so vigorously to get published today that I couldn’t even link to on Facebook? It is. Oh, man plans, and God laughs.

The article was published on diaTribe – “Why ‘controlling’ blood sugar levels shouldn’t be your goal” Diatribe, thank you for your help. A variation of this article was published in the Diabetes Sisters newsletter in December. “Myths about blood sugar control and better ways to manage your blood sugar.” appreciate diabetes sisters Too.

That being said, I think there’s a backstory that’s worth noting. It took more than four months, pitched to three organizations, objections, rejections, and multiple rewrites, before these two articles were published. It’s not someone trying to give me a hard time. That is the power of an established idea, even if it is not true.

You can see that the watchdogs who defend this myth believe that telling diabetics the truth that they can’t control their blood sugar levels will set their hair on fire. We will become so gloomy, disheartened, dejected, disillusioned, and helpless that we will completely abandon management and ourselves.

What I know is that when you tell people the truth, they feel justified, not wrong, and acknowledged.they feel more powerful. Every time I tell someone that they can’t control their blood sugar levels and that they are responsible for their efforts but not entirely responsible for their results, they cry in my arms with relief. It will be.

We’ve been hearing the words “control” and “blood sugar” together for so long, and they’re so sneaky in diabetes language that no one thinks to question them. I question it and say it unequivocally, it is not true and its falsehoods are supported by science, especially neurobiology and science. complexity science.

read article And share it. I hope this gives you some relief from your fears, as so many people with good intentions have lifted us up.

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