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I won’t act like this again

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Long time, no see. I have written many times here about the mental challenges of change in diabetes management. It took me years to work up the courage to take my first shot. While living with diabetes, I did everything I could to limit my food intake so I didn’t need insulin. Not a great strategy.

When I started insulin therapy, I was on about 4 units of long-acting per day. He eventually needed more, but because he was having problems with low concentrations at odd times of the day, his diabetes instructor recommended that he split the dose into two doses.

A few years ago, my new diabetes instructor suggested that maybe that strategy wasn’t working. By lunchtime there was a big and sudden drop and it was difficult to do anything. Regardless of the treatment strategy, I’m talking awful every half hour from 11am to 1am.

So last week, when she suggested I try switching to one shot a day, I silently agreed.

I’m only 2 units away from my once-a-day dosing, but I’m very relieved that so far I’m not in “hell and a cage,” as my diabetes instructor joked. In fact, this was a good test of the tools I’ve been using. diabetes psychologist Mark Heyman in 2022.

He helped me put into perspective what I was going through through the ups and downs. If you haven’t got it yet, clickDiabetes is hard, but I can live with it.This is a life-saving resource with practical activities to tackle the mental health issues associated with living with type 1 diabetes.

I haven’t fully completed the switch to one shot a day yet, so I can’t report any jaw-dropping facts, but I want to celebrate the wins along the way. No more big lows at lunchtime. The flat level provides even more peace of mind at night. If you are struggling with the management aspect, I highly recommend looking further into the issue and trusting their experience and advice.

It took me almost 15 years to get here, but I’m so glad I did!

With great respect,


Ps Yoga for Diabetes Blog is Best Diabetes Blog by Feedspot.com Towards 2024! I’ve been a bit lazy with my writing lately, so I really appreciate your recognition and nudge.

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