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Motivation – by Rachel Zinman Yoga

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It takes motivation to step onto the mat and practice every morning. Often times, we are tempted to think about how we will feel afterwards. Then on the mat, a series of postures and exercises keep me occupied. There are things that I find difficult or that I avoid while practicing, but generally the way I feel during and after practice helps me come back.

My diabetes management motivation is in a completely different kettle of fish. There are many times throughout the day when I wish I could forget about diabetes. I get frustrated because I feel like all my efforts have been wasted. Especially after a week of really good numbers, I’m back in the groove and trying to claw my way out. Diabetes is…diabetes.

I am using my yoga experience to help me stay motivated during this difficult time with diabetes. It’s like following simple daily habits in your diabetes management routine. Do it no matter what.

for example:

  • I wake up at 5am so I can prepare breakfast before I get my basal injections.

  • Practice yoga before meals, knowing that your blood sugar levels are likely to stay steady

  • I’m doing some pre-bowling while I’m finishing up practice so I’m in range when I start breakfast

  • Check my blood sugar at 11am and have a snack knowing that’s my best hypo time

  • Wait an hour after lunch to wash dishes to flatten blood sugar spikes

  • I walk most days around 5pm right after the bolus wears off (I split my basal dose) because I know that my basal dose also tapers off over time.

  • It has been found that blood sugar levels tend to drop if you check your blood sugar levels around 7 p.m.

  • Eat an extra high-fat food (such as avocado or nuts) on the flight as you head into the night to keep your blood sugar levels more stable while you sleep.

Promising yourself to follow these practices will help you stay on track even when faced with challenges and setbacks. Daily practice also provides a sense of stability that allows you to cope with the unexpected pressures of daily life, in addition to diabetes. Even if he does just one or two of these routines a day, it will make a difference in his overall management.

So on those days when I think, “I can’t have diabetes,” I remind myself that even the smallest habits are enough.

I express my deep respect…


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