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The wisdom of living with type 1 diabetes for 52 years can be summed up in one word: Every day is a new day.

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In two days, February 22nd, I will be “celebrating” 52 years of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). He developed T1D at age 18 and I’ve been living with her T1D much longer than I’ve been without. In fact, I never remember what it’s like to live without watching carbs, checking CGMs, thinking about what and when to eat, walking, oops, etc. Is not …

If you think I have a lot of wisdom to offer having lived this for 52 years, then maybe I do. Maybe if we were having a conversation, it would just pour out of me. But this is a one-sided conversation, so here’s my point. Yes, it is deliberately omitted, since it is easier to remember some things than to memorize a living encyclopedia.

  1. Use CGM if possible. If not, check your blood sugar levels two hours before and after your meal or activity. Look for patterns to better understand dosing methods.
  2. Don’t beat yourself up because of your numbers. Very few people will tell you the truth that you can’t “control” your blood sugar levels. The body’s biological functions are not within your control and life is unpredictable. You are responsible for your efforts, but not for your results.
  3. Make friends with diabetes. No one else will “get it” like they do, but those friends will restore a little self-love to your heart.
  4. Recognize that T1D is hard and ongoing work. There are no days off. In reality, there is no progress, just trying too hard not to get too far off the rails. It’s not a fun thought, but when I first heard it, I thought it was really true.Do your work based on that truth. and Please take it easy. Celebrate your wins and see yourself always in experimental mode.

Yes, you thought there were five points, but these are the four that stood out to me this Tuesday afternoon. And this is my “one thing I know for sure”. When I change my routine, I feel like I know nothing even after 52 years. Eating and exercising the same way every day is definitely my special sauce. Case in point:


On the other hand, a recent trip to Costa Rica made me question all my “best” decisions as my diet and exercise were unusual and unpredictable.

In the end, no matter where you are on this path, you are still here. It’s proof of everything you’ve done.

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