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8 drinks perfect for summer to keep blood sugar levels in check

by Onam Gupta
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Diabetic diet: 8 drinks perfect for summer to keep blood sugar levels in check

Chia seed drink is rich in omega-3 nutrients and is beneficial for people with high blood sugar levels.

Sats drinks have many nutritional benefits, including promoting digestion and improving blood sugar levels.

Bell (wood apple) drink is rich in antioxidants and helps manage blood sugar levels

Kokum is a small, round fruit about the size of a cherry tomato. Diabetics are advised to consume sugar-free kokum juice.

Buttermilk drinks contain probiotics that are beneficial for gut health and digestion, and can help manage diabetes.

Cranberries are rich in vitamin E and vitamin C. Experts recommend that diabetics choose pure, unsweetened cranberry juice.

Vegetable juices are a healthy option for diabetics when choosing a summer drink. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and is known to have the effect of lowering blood sugar levels.

Coconut water is known to be cooling and contain antioxidants. When combined with sabja seeds (basil seeds) it enhances the flavor and is suitable for diabetics.

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