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What is a time-restricted diet? Can it help fight obesity and diabetes? | Food Wine News

by Ramnath Goenka
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Losing fat not only helps you look and feel healthier, but it also helps fight chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity. Therefore, doctors and nutrition experts advise people to reduce fat from their body through diet and diet. fitness activities. So when gastroenterologist Dr. Pal Manickam detailed how calorie counting and time-restricted eating can help you lose weight, we decided to learn more.

“Calorie counting and time-restricted eating are my favorite weight loss methods and have worked for me. Use this method consistently for at least 6 weeks,” he shared in a video on his YouTube channel Did.

What is a time-restricted meal or meal?

Time-restricted eating requires you to focus your eating within a specific time frame during the day, usually between sunrise and sunset. “This period coincides with when digestive enzymes, insulin, and other metabolic processes are most active. It is believed that eating within this period will have better effects. digestioncompared to eating in the evening, the metabolism is higher and the gut microbiome is healthier,” says Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Sagoo, Head of Minimal Access, Gastroenterology and Bariatric Surgery, CK Birla Hospital (R), Delhi. says.

Encourages the body to burn fat for fuel during fasting periods, leading to reduced fat mass and improved body composition. “Additionally, it can enhance cellular repair processes, reduce inflammation, and improve cardiovascular health,” explains Shruti K. Bhardwaj, chief dietitian at Zydus Hospital in Ahmedabad.

Dr. Sugg recommends having your first meal about 1.5 hours after you wake up and your last meal 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. “This could include a modest breakfast, a large lunch, and an early dinner before departure. sunset” said Dr. Sagoo.

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Dr. Sagu shared that the potential benefits of time-restricted eating include:

• Improved metabolism and digestion
• Improved blood sugar control
• Favorable cholesterol levels, with high HDL (good) cholesterol and low LDL (bad) cholesterol.

What explains it?

The body clock, which controls metabolism, sleep patterns, and other physiological processes, is exploited by time-restricted eating. Experts explain that the purpose of eating within a limited window of time is to increase metabolic efficiency, which may lower risk factors associated with diabetes and obesity. “The metabolic switch that occurs during fasting allows the body to shift from burning glucose as its primary energy source to burning fat. This change not only helps with weight loss, but also helps manage diabetes. It also helps in improving insulin sensitivity, which is important for avoidance,” said Dr. Sanjay Agarwal, Head, Department of Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolic Diseases, Sahyadri Super Specialty Hospital, Nagar Road, Pune. .

obesity Obesity is a serious problem (Source: Unsplash)

“Studies have shown that mice fed during the 8-hour window during the day (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) are more likely to eat during the night (by 8 p.m.), even when consuming the same amount of calories.” The results showed that the mice were in better health compared to mice that were fed (until 8 a.m.).The night-snack group had higher experience points Blood glucose levelcholesterol levels, and the risk of chronic diseases such as fatty liver disease,” Dr. Saghu said.

For obese people, Bhardwaj says, time-restricted diets provide a structured eating pattern that promotes calorie control, reduces overall calorie intake, and leads to weight loss.

Although TRE has promise, it is not without its challenges. Dr. Agarwal said adherence to dietary restrictions varies widely among individuals, highlighting the need for individualized guidance.

However, Dr. Agarwal added that long-term studies are needed to fully understand the impact of TRE on obesity and diabetes management. “Aiming to effectively manage obesity and diabetes requires a personalized nutrition plan. TRE provides a flexible and potentially impactful option for people suffering from these conditions. but, personal preferencelifestyle, and medical history should guide the adoption of any dietary strategy, including TRE,” Dr. Agarwal said.

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