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When providing helpful information is not enough: Web-based interventions to address insulin concerns

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Dr. Bill Polonsky
And it’s so interesting, when we put together interventions like this, and we give people videos of their colleagues, we see someone succeeding. It can make a big difference. All of this is fine, but you have to help people get to the point where they actually want to see it.

And it’s an abomination: “Take your medicine!” Like, “Well, I’d rather do pretty much anything else, you know?” That’s why I’m humbled to face this and read this manuscript. It was very well made. It really reminds me of the challenge.

Years ago, I almost forgot about this. We’ve created a conversational workbook on this topic to discuss the various concerns you have about continuing insulin therapy.

Here we introduce some new ways to think about insulin differently, but this book was designed as a conversational workbook for healthcare providers to talk with their patients. We were planning and hoping that one of the insulin companies would fund this development. And he had one insulin company that was very excited about this. The final plan was finally completed, and they said, “We want to deliver it to patients across the country.” No, no, no. Please do not send this to anyone. No, the idea is that this is a conversational workbook. conversation.

So we said, “No, we don’t want to do that.” This is a waste of my time and their money. So this interesting and strange challenge still remains.

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